Senior Colorist

Bob Festa

Based at Company 3 Los Angeles. Available globally through any Company 3 Virtual Outpost.

Bob Festa is considered one of the most influential and accomplished commercial colorists working today. He is a recipient of DaVinci’s “Master Colorist Award” as the “Commercial Colorist of the Year” In addition to other awards, Festa has colored iconic national spots for Coke, Levi’s, American Express, McDonalds, and IBM, among twenty thousand others. He has worked with iconic directors and cinematographers throughout a storied career.

Festa is most notable for developing a collaborative workflow that keeps creatives involved in the color process, while honoring the many viewpoints held in a session. It is not unusual for nine different ‘looks’ to be up on the screen at any given time, combining classic darkroom techniques with contemporary display technology. The end goal is always to seek the best image balance that serves the project.

Throughout his career, Festa has helped to develop many of the color tools used in color studios today and mentored over a dozen young artists who have gone onto careers as successful colorists themselves.