Congrats to our Commercial Clients on their AICP Awards!

June 22, 2018 Jun. 22, 2018

Commercials have taken a new form, becoming not only a place to showcase a product, but a means of true storytelling. Teams work together to pull off breathtaking projects that impact audiences in sometimes as little as 15 seconds. The Association of Independent Commercial Producers recognizes outstanding commercial spots each year and we are overjoyed for our clients who brought home prizes.

Congratulations to P&G and Malik Vitthal whose commercial “The Talk” won for Directing, Performance, and Cause. Also congrats to Cinematographer Alexis Zabe for “Above the Noise,” Editor Robert Lopuski for “Original is Never Finished” and Stephan Altman for Original Music in “Lost Panda.” We are happy to see Snickers’ “Recovery Room” win for Performance, Logic’s “1-800-273-8255” win in the Cause category, and Goodby Silverstein & Partners’ “Doritos Blaze vs. MTN Dew Ice” win for Licensed Soundtrack/Agreement.

“The Talk” was colored by Sofie Borup; “Above the Noise,” “Original is Never Finished” and “Lost Panda” were colored by Tom Poole; “Recovery Room” was colored by Tim Masick; “1-800-273-8255” was colored by Sean Coleman and “Doritos Blaze vs. MTN Dew Ice” was colored by Dave Hussey.